How CrowdFlavor Works

Researching, asking and posting social questions through CrowdFlavor is easy.

Viewing Questions

CrowdFlavor contains questions across many categories and on many different topics. Questions can be found from searching for specific questions or by browsing through categories on the category screen.

Current voting results for questions can be seen by clicking on the "view results" button on each question screen.

Answering Questions

CrowdFlavor continues to grow through the participation of all visitors to the site. If you find a question that you can answer or have an opinion on you may vote for an answer on the question.

Each question may only be answered once per user and a user will earn 1 point for every answer provided. Points are used to ask questions where every 5 points equals one question that may be asked.

Asking Questions

CrowdFlavor is a great way to get consensus on questions that you may have or recommendations based on a majority.

Each new user is initially given 5 points which can be used to ask a question, and every time a user answers another questionon CrowdFlavor they are given 1 point which can be used to ask additional questions.

Since CrowdFlavor is a site that is open to everyone we do need to make sure that questions asked are appropriate and "PG" rated so as to make them appropriate for everyone.

All questions that are posted will first need to be approved by CrowdFlavor before they may be voted on. Please see our terms of use for additional information.